Models Created for use with BrainBomber's "Rule the Rail" by Neil Young

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Flying Helicopter

With Invisible Tracks

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Welcome To  My Model Site

I will use this site to post pictures and links to the models that I have created in the past for use with the "Rule The Rail!" train program.

Maybe, there will be more models to come in the future.

To conserve bandwidth and space on this site I have created a second site for Pictures and Direct downloads for my models. I have also included a link to the original posting at Littleville Depot which will have more pictures and installation information. Sadly the site has changed sponsorship and as yet guest cannot view the site, only members. This I hope will be corrected soon so all fans of "Rule the Rail" will be able to enjoy all the new models and help from other members without having to join. I do believe that joining is best, its free, and when I found the site back in 2008, I was astounded and have never regretted joining.

                       To View my models and download just click the button below

For those of you not familiar with "Rule The Rail! You might want to visit the home site. Here is where you download the program, and start you addiction to RtR
If you decide that you like what you see at BrainBombers, then come and take a look at the Littleville Depot Forum
There is one web site that is a must have bookmark for anyone wishing to find past and lost Models. At Gnome's site you will find a comprehensive listing of every model ever made for RtR, and much more. This site you have to see to believe.
Web Sites ----  Here you will find links to the Homepages of other modelers, and Fans of "Rule the Rail" You will find a much more comprehensive listing on Gnomes site.
More sites still to be listed(ongoing work in progress)