Models Created for use with BrainBomber's "Rule the Rail" by Neil Young

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Multi Model Download Package

Packaged Models Download

Hello Everyone,

After haveing had the experience of a computer crash,  and all the work involved to re-install all of the new models back into rtr, I have decided to make a package of all the models that I have created. This will allow you to install all of my models without having to download and install them one at a time. After the installation you can either use the Captains Theme Editor to remove the models you prefer not to have or you can edit the Neil.xli text by hand using notepad. Just remember that when you edit by hand you must remember to reduce line two by the number of models removed.

copy and paste the Neil folder containing my .dds files into the scenes folder in rtr.

There are four other .dds files
If these folders already exist in your scenes folder just copy the contents of these files into their respective folders. If they haven't been installed yet just copy the folders and paste them into the scenes folder. These files are necessary to complete my models

Copy the contents of the x files folder into the xfiles folder located in the scenes folder. There will be a total of 60 .x files to be copied

Copy the following files:

and paste directly into the rtr root folder.

If you are using the Theme Editor, I recommend install the Neil.xli file into the .xli backup file located in the XM folder.

All of my models are validated to the Neil.xli file if you try to put then into any other .xli file they will not work unless you re-validate them all. Without the re-validations you program will not run due to locked out models. Best to just use the Neil.xli file.

The file is almost 8Mb so download times will vary depending on your internet connection. I tested the download by DSL at a rate of 1.5Mb and the download time was 30 seconds. As for how long dial-up would take I couldn’t tell you. However the time saved by not having to download and install each model separately will greatly offset the time needed to download this file.

I will not add more files to this folder if and when I make more, but will make a second installation pack later for the newer files.

If you are new to downloading and installing models, this will make it easier for you to get my models in less time. You do the same thing you would with any model you install, but instead you will actually be installing 29 models consisting of 60 pieces instead of just the one model.

If you have questions concerning this package just contact on the contact page.